Alternatives To Animal Experimentation  

All animal rights activities have demonstrated and complained about animal experimentation. However, this is something that has been going on for eons. The question here is whether we can go without animal experimentation, or are there alternatives to animal experimentation which can be adopted.

While there are alternatives to animal experimentation, critics say that they are not always successful. One such alternative is using computer simulation. Considering the advancement science and technology has made over years, scientists and researchers have sufficient data and knowledge about animal systems. While this alternative is being used, many times results are not accurate or do not give the desired information. For instance, a drug for the heart could have an adverse effect on the heart. This effect will only come out through experiments and not simulation.

Nowadays scientists and researchers are using something known as in-vitro tests. In this procedure, the tests are conducted in a lab without using an animal. In fact, in current times a lot of vaccines and anti serum is being manufactured in this manner. Some might wonder why this method of testing is not being used all around. The answer to this is very simple -- the government rules mandate that animal testing be performed. Therefore, even if pharmaceutical companies do not want to test their products on animals, they still have to.

Other alternatives to animal testing include tissue culture, ELISA tests and Petri plate testing. These methods are not as expensive and can be performed much faster. So, alternatives to animal testing should always be taken into consideration and should not be disregarded as being futile or useless.

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Alternatives To Animal Experimentation




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