Unusual Animal Facts  

The world is full of many different species of animals. In fact, zoologists believe that there are still more species waiting to be discovered in certain parts of the world. So, anything to with unusual animal facts is often welcomed by animal lovers and zoologists, as they can learn more and more about animals from different corners of the world.

Here are some unusual animal facts that you will find extremely interesting:

  • The female of the anaconda snake is around three to five times bigger than the male.
  • Did you know that polar bears are left handed, and that their livers are toxic as they have Vitamin C in very high quantities?
  • The only animal in the world that can never fall ill belongs to sea. It is the much frightening and awe-inspiring shark. In fact, sharks have such a fantastic immune system that they cannot even get cancer.
  • The mockingbird gets its name because it has the ability to copy sounds made by other birds.
  • It is not a camel who can live the longest without water. In fact, the camel takes the second place after the mouse, as it is this small and inconsequential looking animal that can live the longest without drinking any water.
  • Still sticking to camels; camel milk does not go bad and does not curdle.
  • Frogs can be found in all continents other than Antarctica. And, the world is blessed with 2600 different species of frogs.
  • Crocodiles are known to swallow large rocks and stones which are then used as ballast when the crocodiles dive into the water.
  • A donkey's eyes are located on its head in such a manner that it has the ability to see all its 4 feet at the same time.

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Unusual Animal Facts




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