What Kind Of Animal Is A Worm ?  

If you are wondering what kind of animal is a worm, you have come to the right place. A worm is an invertebrate that has a soft body. There are many different kinds of worms, but the one that all us can recognize easily is the earthworm.

As worms have no bones or limbs, they have to wriggle and move. That is why their bodies are equipped with bristles that help them to slide. In addition, if you check the ubiquitous earthworm, you will see that it has segments all over its body. This is true for most species of worms.

The reason that worms look slimy is because they do not have lungs and use their skin to breathe. This process is only possible if their skin is wet always, as it helps them to absorb the oxygen present in the air.

Worms belong to the same family as leeches. This family is the family of Annelid. And, there are more than three thousand types of worms of varying sizes. In fact, some worms are so small that they are microscopic in size and you cannot see them with naked eyes.

However, the three most common types of worms are the common earthworm, brandling worm, flat worms. Out of these, the common earthworm and the brandling worm are beneficial for soils in general, while the flat worms are parasites.

If you have worms in your garden, do not get repulsed. They are good for your garden and will help to aerate and enrich the garden soil. You can also introduce brandling worms in your compost heap as that is where they love to live, and make sure that you get nutrient-rich compost.

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What Kind Of Animal Is A Worm




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