What Is Animal Rights ?

What Is Animal Rights ?

Animal rights basically refers to a movement that lays emphasis on protecting animals from getting exploited and/or abused by humans. The movement also does not allow animals to be used for entertainment purposes, medical experiments and testing, clothing and food.

When compared to animal welfare, animal rights is completely different. While the former is all about treating animals in a humane manner and not causing them any suffering, the former considers animals to have rights and therefore, they cannot be treated as property.

There are many animal rights groups all over the world. However, they concentrate more on the clothing industry, entertainment avenues like zoos and circuses, medical industry, cosmetic industry, sporting events and even on animals that are kept as pets. Majority of activists and individuals who support animal rights do not eat animal products as they do not believe in using animals as a source for food.

Here it must be pointed out that animal rights is not about making animals equal to humans. Rather it about animals living a free life without be used by humans, being causing suffering by humans or being led to an early death because of humans.

The history of animal rights dates back to the nineteenth century. This was when books related to animal issues were published by writers, Arthur Schopenhauer and Henry Salt. The books also brought up the moral issue where the writers advocated animals be given a place within the moral system of a society. Thereafter, animal rights made a resurgence in the 1970s when different approaches to animal rights were written about.

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What Is Animal Rights