Where Do Black Bears Live ?  

Black bear is one of the most common species of bears to be found in the American wild. The estimate is that there are nearly five hundred thousand black bears living in the North American region. The scientific name of the black bear is Ursus Americanus.

The black bear lives in a wide range of habitat. They live in forest, meadows, and swamps and also in mountainous regions. The black bears like to eat berries, grass, roots, fruits and a range of other things. They also eat fish and other mammals and that is why they are called omnivores. The black bears travel extensively in search of food and they roam the entire forests. They can migrate from one place to another. The black bear is a solitary animal and likes not live in its own territory. They mark their territories and are usually huge. The black bear would live in this marked territory for quite some time before moving on.

Sometimes black bears that are used to humans can come to camp grounds and other similar places and get into their cabins in search of food. It will also break into cars if there is stored food. It is best to get away from the bear at that time.

The black bears do not eat much in winters as they tend to hibernate. They live in dens and caves to protect themselves from the cold. They depend on their body fat for food. They can also live on tree tops for several days without eating.

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Where Do Black Bears Live ?




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Where Do Black Bears Live ? )
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