Brown Bear Facts  

The brown bear is only found in North and Central America. However their close relatives are spread pout through out the world. The brown bears usually live in dense forests, meadows, mountains and valleys. They are more in number in Canada.

Brown bears have a distinguishing feature which is a hump on their shoulder and can be differentiated from other bears. The brown bear is a different species of bear altogether and should not be confused with black bears that are brown. These bears have extremely strong shoulders and muscles. The bears are also very good with their hands and they can tear out packets in search of food. These bears also lift up huge logs and boulders easily.

They also dig through very hard soil with their claws and they do this while making dens.

The brown bears eat similarly to any other bear. They eat fruits, berries, and fish and also mammals. They are very good hunters and can catch fish very easily. The brown bears dig a deep tunnel like enclosure for their caves. The brown bears hibernate the entire winter and they do not eat much. They depend on their own body reserves to satiate their hunger during hibernation as they spend most of their time sleeping.

The brown bear has several other relatives like the Alaskan bear, Asiatic bear, European bear, Himalayan bear, Kodiak bear, and the Red bear. Brown Bears are very huge and they often do not have any other animal harming them. Occasionally when they come close to human settlements the bears might get them into trouble.

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Brown Bear Facts




Brown-Bear-Predator      Brown bears live in dens that they make out of leaves and by digging a deep pit or they can also live in mountain caves. They are found throughout North America and Alaska. The brown bear has very strong jaws and teeth. It also has strong shoulders and can lift up huge logs of wood. They are the biggest species of the bears, and can measure really tall. More..




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