Brown Bear Predator  

Brown bears live in dens that they make out of leaves and by digging a deep pit or they can also live in mountain caves. They are found throughout North America and Alaska. The brown bear has very strong jaws and teeth. It also has strong shoulders and can lift up huge logs of wood. They are the biggest species of the bears, and can measure really tall.

The brown bear has no real predators in the wild and there is no predator to match their size. No other animal can actually harm an adult bear. The bear cubs are born blind and several other animals including wolves and vultures like to eat bear cubs. They are the ones who are faced with grave danger. However, the adult bears protect the bear cubs very fiercely and until they are old enough they keep them very close to their body.

However, humans are known to kill brown bears and one can say that humans are the brown bear's real predator.

Brown bears roam a lot in the forests in search of food and through out they keep their babies with them. The bears usually protect them until they are five years old. Only humans are the known predators for bears.

Sometimes bears come very close to human settlements like campgrounds and steal their food. Also, if humans venture into the forest, the bears are likely to attack and at that time they can be shot. Some people also hunt bears. Otherwise the bears have no real dangers in their own habitat. Brown bears are very closely related to the grizzly bears of North America.

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Brown Bear Predator




Where-Do-Brown-Bears-Live      The coat color of the brown bear ranges from yellowish brown to dark brown. The bear is quite huge in size and it can make them look ominous when they stand on their two hind legs. When the brown bear stands on its two feet, it can be four feet tall or more. When it is on its four legs, it can measure up to three feet. The claws on their feet are extremely sharp, and they measure nearly four inches long. The brown bear can weight up to 500 pounds for a male and the female can weigh up to 300 pounds. More..




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