Grizzly Bears Attack  

A grizzly bear is probably the scariest animal that you would come across in America. They are huge in size and they are very fierce. They have a short temper and they attack humans if they venture into the bear territory. The female of the species is fiercer than the males and they attack without fail if they have just had cubs.

Humans are a perceivable threat for the bears, so they will attack at every chance they get. Bears do not venture into human territories unless they are used to the fact that humans carry food in their vehicles or cabins. That is why most camping grounds in national parks in the US advice you not to store food in the vehicles or cabin. A bear attack can be devastating and also fatal for a human. There have been quite a few incidents of grizzly bear attacks in national parks.

Sometimes the bears just walk away if they do not feel threatened. It is when they feel insecure that the bears attack. There have been very few cases of survival in grizzly bear attacks. Unless a human being has a gun, there is no chance of escape once the bear catches hold of you. The best way to avoid an attack is to avoid the bear itself. Some of the most susceptible people for a bear attack are trekkers and hikers. They should be very careful not to tread into unknown and deep territories. The bear is extremely possessive about its territory.

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Grizzly Bears Attack




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