How Fast Can A Grizzly Bear Run ?  

The grizzly bear is among the four largest species of bear in the world. They are huge and each male can weigh up to 500 pounds. The bears are very cute and cuddly to look at but a close encounter will teach you how fierce this animal can get. They have very strong jaws and paws.

Despite their huge size, the grizzlies can run at an amazing speed of 20 to 30 miles per hour. These bears are found in almost all the national parks of the United States. The grizzly bears love to eat fish, fruits and berries sand they travel extensively through the forest ranges in search of food like that. However, for a grizzly bear to attack a human, they should have ventured into the bear territory and it is highly unlikely the other way around.

Most people underestimate the bear’s capacity to run because of its huge size. The bears despite their size can run on all four feet at amazing speeds. Bears do not chase their prey all that much and they can easily give up. They like to have easy access to food. The grizzly bears, if they are used to human beings, will probably explore the cabins or tents for any food that could be stored. Bears are omnivorous creatures and they can eat anything that they come across, including grass and wild berried. They also love to eat human food like cooked meat or even a bag of chips. Close bear encounters happen only when the grizzlies come in search of food to the human territories.

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How Fast Can A Grizzly Bear Run ?




How-Many-Grizzly-Bears-Are-There      Everyone knows what a grizzly bear looks like and one of the first things that comes to their mind is the huge size of the bear. The grizzly bears can be easily distinguished from the black bears because of the hump on their back. They have extremely strong shoulders, jaws and paws. The claws of the grizzly bear alone are as long as human fingers. More..




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How Fast Can A Grizzly Bear Run ? )
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