What Do Grizzly Bears Eat ?  

The grizzly bear is among the biggest bear species in the world. Grizzly bears can be easily differentiated from the black bears 6thata are brown because of the hump on the back. The grizzlies are also slightly bigger in size than the black bears. The grizzly bears are omnivorous creatures and they like to eat everything. At least they are very experimental with their taste buds.

Grizzly bears love salmon and like to fish in shallow streams of water. They may also catch hold of other smaller mammals like seals and river otters. If they live at the Polar regions, then they would eat walruses also if available. The grizzly bears mostly explore the forest for food and eat all kind of berries and fruits. They also like to eat some roots and barks of the trees.

Grizzlies will also not hesitate to eat a bag of chips if they find it lying around somewhere. It is one of the main reasons why the grizzlies enter the campgrounds and the cabins of the tourists or sometimes they even break into automobiles in search of food. The grizzly bears have extremely sensitive noses and they can smell food from a far of distance. They have even better smelling power compared to dogs and other canines. That is why when you are camping out in the forest, several people advice not to keep food in the camps and vehicles.

Grizzlies do not hunt very well by chasing their preys and they would rather stick to dead animals. They only kill fish and other water creatures that are easy to catch.

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What Do Grizzly Bears Eat ?




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