How Do Koalas Get Water ?  

Koala bears are literally miniature bears which are tiny and cute to look at. However, they have very strong teeth and claws which help them to survive in the wild. Actually koala bears are not really bears and they are marsupials. It is because they look so cuddly like the teddy bears they are called bears.

They are just like the opossums and the kangaroos. They are marsupials. This means that they carry their young ones in pouches in their belly. The koalas are an endangered species of animals found in Australia only. The koalas love the eucalyptus trees so they climb to the top of the tree and spend most of their time there. Most of the koala bears live in eastern parts of Australia and some even live in the northeastern forests.

The koalas love to sleep and they spend nearly 18 hours sleeping. Then when they are awake they eat all the time. They eat eucalyptus leaves which happen to be their main food. The Koalas never drink water because they do not need to most of the time. They get adequate water from their diet which is the eucalyptus leaves. They also never feel thirsty and they love eating the leaves. The leaves are made up of 60 percent water and that is why the koala bears are never found looking for water.

People from all over the world love the koala bears and love to get closer to them. However, these bears are not very friendly and love their solitude most of the time.

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How Do Koalas Get Water ?




Is-Koala-Endangered      The koala bear is an endangered species of animal that belongs to Australia. The koalas are known to be gentle animal’s that are very soft natured. However, if you venture close to them, they can do anything unpredictable like scratching your face or something like that. In the end, it is a wild animal after all. More..




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How Do Koalas Get Water ? )
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