Koala Facts  

The koala measures only 36 inches in size at the most. They weigh less than 9 kilograms, and they are known as miniature bears. The koala bears are not actually bears, but they are marsupials. The males of the species are larger than the females. Koalas are more in number in the southern regions of Australia compared to the northern regions of the country. These bears are found only in Australia and no other place in the world.

The koala bear species could have been there around since the last forty million years which makes them an ancient animal. The koala’s fur is very thick and soft at the same time. Their ears are white and the nose is big and leathery. They make one of the cutest 'bears' in the wild. The koalas, like kangaroos, carry their babies in a pouch in their tummy. They play a very important role in the local aboriginal culture. The koala’s average life span is 17 years in their own habitat.

The koalas spend most of their day time sleeping and they are awake in the nights. They are less likely to be killed by predators if they do that. Because of their extremely small size they do not have very good survival instincts. The koala bears can live their life sleeping as much as 18 to 22 hours in a day. The rest of the waking time they spend eating non stop. Koala bears love to eat the leaves of the eucalyptus tree. Because the water content in the leaves is so high, the bears do not need to drink water additionally.

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Koala Facts




Map-Of-Koala-Habitat      The koala bear is known to be one of the mot cuddliest animals on earth and these bears are only found on the Australian continent. These animals are unique to the continent and play a very important role in the wildlife history of the animals. More..




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