Map Of Koala Habitat  

The koala bear is known to be one of the mot cuddliest animals on earth and these bears are only found on the Australian continent. These animals are unique to the continent and play a very important role in the wildlife history of the animals.

Koala bears are actually marsupials that carry their babies in a pouch on their tummy. The koala bears get their name as bears because they are so cute and cuddly looking. These bears are very small and miniature in size. It is very difficult to spot them in the wild because they live high up on the eucalyptus trees. The fur color also matches the bark of the eucalyptus tree which is grey in color. The koala bear lives up to 17 years if left in the wild in their natural habitat. Their diet basically consists of eucalyptus leaves. They eat very less and sleep most of the time.

The koalas are residents of eastern Australia mainly. There are several eucalyptus trees there and the food is plentiful for them in these areas. The koala bears have extremely sharp claws which helps them to hold on to the trees high above. The koalas store the leaves in their pouches and also in their cheeks so that they do not have to pluck them each time they feel like eating.

The koalas spend almost 22 hours in a day sleeping. The koalas have a special digestive system that enables them to break down the eucalyptus leaves. Also, the koala bears never drink water as they get it from their diet.

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Map Of Koala Habitat




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Map Of Koala Habitat )
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