Giant Panda Facts

Giant Panda Facts

Giant pandas are the natives of China, and eventually they spread out to the Himalayan regions of India and Tibet. It is one of the endangered species that tops the list. It is ranked even above tigers on the endangered animals' list. There are only a few hundreds of giant pandas left in the wild. These pandas do not breed in captivity and die very soon.

The giant pandas are still found in the regions of Sichuan, Shaanxi and the Gansu provinces of China today. They were known to live in the lowland areas. However, due to the high population of China and the extensive farming, the loss of their habitat has led to their near extinction. By the mid of the century, the giant pandas are expected to become extinct.

The giant pandas live in the coniferous forests and they need dense bamboo to survive. They usually live 5,000 to 10,000 feet above sea level.

The giant panda is an extremely cute-looking animal that is black and white in coloring and has a thick coat like the bear. They are one of the most unusual animals to be found on earth.

Their black and white coat color helps to camouflage the snow and the rocks of the terrains.

They eat bamboo and they have such tough teeth that it helps to crush the bamboo with their jaws. The giant pandas may look cute, but they can be as dangerous as a bear found in the wild.  

Among all the endangered animals, the giant pandas are in the red zone, which means they are most likely to become extinct just like the tigers.

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Giant Panda Facts