Is It Easy To Make Bird Feeder ?

Is It Easy To Make Bird Feeder ?

In many countries across the world, winter is a tough season for birds. They will not be able to find food to sustain themselves through the cold winter months, and that is why many birds migrate to the south or the north, depending where winter sets in.

However, regardless of the season or the weather, you can help birds by making a bird feeder and keeping it in your garden. The question you may ask yourself at this point is whether it is easy to make a bird feeder. After all, if it is, why would you want to try something that is difficult to make?

When you go about making a bird feeder, do not try anything ambitious as it will make your life difficult. Keep things simple. And, it will be easy to make a bird feeder.

The simplest and the easiest way to make a bird feeder is taking a pine cone. Then run some peanut butter on the cone and then roll the cone in some bird seed. You can hang the cone by way of a string from a branch of a tree. This will attract a lot of birds, and the squirrels will not be able to get to the seeds. You can use the same method and hang berries and apples around your garden to give something to the birds to peck on and eat.

If you have a squash, you can remove all the inside of the vegetable. Then make holes in the gourd to allow the birds to get inside the squash. Then run a heavy fishing line towards the top and hang this from a tree. Fill the hollowed out bottom of the squash with seeds and berries.
In case you do not want to make your own bird feeder, you can get a readymade one from a garden center and keep it in your garden.

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Is It Easy To Make Bird Feeder