How Many Chickens Do We Eat ?  

Chicken meat is the most popular poultry type across the world. The meat is cooked in a variety of ways depending on the culture or region. Modern chicken breeds have grown from the hybrid varieties of both Grey and Red Junglefowl that were raised about thousands of years ago in the northern regions of India.

The chicken meat has been of use for centuries now. The carvings of the Babylonian era depict chicken meat and these were created some time in 600 BC. Chicken meat was one of the most common meat sources that were available during the Middle Ages. It was preferred by the people of those times as it could be easily digested.

Capons, hens and pullets meats were consumed widely by the people living in the eastern hemisphere. The white chicken stew was a popular dish during those times wherein the meat was cooked along with fried onions in milk to which sugar and spices were added.

During the Second World War, there was shortage of pork and beef and hence the demand of chicken in the US rapidly increased. As chicken meat became more and more popular, even Europeans started consuming it more than veal and beef. It is estimated that about 9 million chickens are consumed annually in the US and hence giant chicken meat processing food plants as well as mega chicken rearing farms have developed in the recent years.

Some chicken varieties are raised specifically for meat and hence their body mass is larger. These birds have higher protein intake in order to develop the desired body structure.

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How Many Chickens Do We Eat ?




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