Cockatiel Care Basic

Cockatiel Care Basic

Everyone who has a bird as a pet will tell you that the cockatiel is one of the most social birds to have as pet. Not only are they intelligent, they are also easy to look after. This is primarily because cockatiels are smaller in size, quieter and also cleaner species of parrot.

Here are some tips about cockatiel basic care that will help you if you have just got yourself a cockatiel:

Make sure that you equip your cockatiel with a medium-sized cage measuring around 18 inches X 18 inches X 18 inches. In case you cannot let out your cockatiel to fly around the house, then opt for a bigger cage, so that the bird has sufficient space to fly and move around. However, do let out your bird occasionally as it needs the exercise.

As mentioned earlier, cockatiels are quite intelligent and need to be kept occupied. So, do remember to get some toys to keep your bird busy. You can put these into the cage and watch your bird spend hours playing with the toys. However, change the toys on a weekly basis to prevent your bird from getting bored.

Besides feeding your cockatiel seeds, make sure that you supplement its feed with pellets and green leafy vegetables. However, avoid spinach and parsley as they can damage your bird's kidneys and prevent absorption of calcium. Also, besides yogurt, do not feed it any other dairy product as it will not be able to digest lactose.

In addition, make sure that you clean the cage everyday and always keep fresh water for your bird.

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Cockatiel Care Basic