How Can I Get My Cockatiel To Stop Biting ?

How Can I Get My Cockatiel To Stop Biting ?

If you are an owner of a cockatiel, then you know one of the biggest problems is biting. A cockatiel is prone to nip the fingers and cause them to bleed. However, this is normal behavior for the bird and you should not immediately conclude that there is something wrong with your pet cockatiel.

However, you should realize that cockatiels are not nasty birds, and neither are they nutty or fighting birds. Usually a cockatiel will bite if it feels threatened. It is a defense mechanism that the birds have. And, if you cockatiel is biting you, then it is in response to a particular action that threatened them. Also, before the bird bites, it will make a warning sound. One of most common warning signs is hissing and then lunging at the person with an open beak. This typically means that your bird does not like what you are doing to it and is asking you to stop immediately.

So, the best way to stop your cockatiel from biting you is to pay heed to the warning signs. The moment you notice a warning sign, you should stop whatever you are doing. Then you have two options -- put the bird gently on your knees, or punish it by locking it up in its cage. However, do not tap the bird on its beak as it is painful and may result in an injury.

Many people profess that putting the bird back in the cage seems to help as cockatiels are quite intelligent and realize that they are being punished.

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How Can I Get My Cockatiel To Stop Biting