How Long Does It Take For Cockatiel Eggs To Hatch ?

How Long Does It Take For Cockatiel Eggs To Hatch ?

Usually cockatiels are sexually matured by the time they reach the age of one. However, it is always advisable to wait until your bird is 2 years old before you decide to mate it. Invariably, a female cockatiel will breed until she is 8 to 10 years old, while a male cockatiel stays fertile until he is around 12 years to 14 years of age.

However, in order for a cockatiel pair to breed successfully in captivity, it has to be healthy. Many times due to malnourishment, obesity or vitamin deficiency, cockatiels cannot breed and procreate successfully. Also, in captivity, many cockatiel pairs do not make ideal parents as they have not learned parenting by observing other birds.

Cockatiels should be bred during the summer months and should not be allowed to have more than two clutches each year. So, ensure that the nest boxes are placed some time during April and removed by August.

Once the cockatiel pair mates, within a few weeks the female will lay eggs in the nestbox that you have provided for her. A female will lay anywhere between 2 eggs and 8 eggs. The eggs hatch anywhere from 18 days to 21 days after they are laid. You will know that the egg is ready to hatch if you notice it tilting. This happens because the air cell present in the egg begins to become large. Slowly the chick inside the egg moves into the air cell and from there it begins to breathe with the help of its lungs. As the oxygen content in the egg depletes, the chick uses its egg tooth to crack open the egg and emerge into the world.

Another sign of the egg being ready to hatch is the pip mark on the shell surface. Once you notice the pip mark on the egg, the cockatiel egg will hatch within 24 hours to 36 hours.

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How Long Does It Take For Cockatiel Eggs To Hatch