Cockatoo Habits  

Cockatoos living in natural habitat can survive for 80 years or more if they are larger in size. The smaller species live for about 40 years. However, if kept in captivity, cockatoos tend to die at a younger age.

Smaller cockatoos include the Goffin's as well as the Lesser Sulfur Crested variety. Larger species include Greater Sulfur Crested cockatoos, umbrella as well as Moluccan varieties. The size of the cockatoos vary anywhere between 12 and 27 inches.

Cockatoos are social, lively, intelligent, cuddly, affectionate, charming, playful, mischievous and adorable. They bond quite closely with the owners but demand of lot of care and attention too. If they are devoid of this, they can show neurotic behaviors and become depressed. Since they have loud voice, they may not suit young kids if they are excited.

The birds have a silky smooth texture and are noted for their crests. Cockatoos chew constantly and hence, it is extremely important to provide the bird tree branches, soft toys, cardboard, bells and vegetable tanned leather in the cage. Rope toys can also be placed but you need to supervise when the bird chews them. Hanging toys simulate preening which keeps the bird clean. Keep some toys which the bird can pick up with his feet.

Some owners find it difficult to tame cockatoos as they are bossy and do not encourage their owners to dominate them. Hence, it is better to bring them home when they are younger as the older birds may not be very easy if they are very wild when they arrive.

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Cockatoo Habits




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