What Do White Doves Eat ?  

White doves live in colonies and fall into the category of pigeons. Hawks and peregrine falcons are the prime predators of these social birds. With an average lifespan of 15 years, these birds grow anywhere between 30 – 35 cm.

White doves mostly feed on seeds like other pigeon varieties. Unlike many other birds, they suck water while drinking. Bird seed packets are available in many commercial stores. You need to buy pigeon feeds packages. Millet, popcorn kernels and sunflower seeds are suitable for these birds as they would not be able to break of the hard outer shell of larger seed varieties.

Bird’s diet should contain adequate amount of grit as they need it for grinding the food during digestion. Crushed oyster and egg shells are a popularly recommended grit as it also provides the much needed calcium in the intake. You need to feed the grit separately. Do not mix it along with the other seeds.

In addition, you can combine different grain varieties and wheat in the feed. Certain tropical doves also eat fruit. You can also add soft food like cornbread or pieces of hard boiled eggs in the seed mix. Worms grubs and greens are beneficial on an occasional basis. The food and water that you feed the birds should be clean. Avoid dirty cages and contaminated food to ensure good health. Change the water regularly in the cages so that it is fresh.

Ask the pet shop owner or the veterinarian any other suggestions on the foods for the particular white dove breed that you buy.

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What Do White Doves Eat ?




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