Where Do Wild Doves Live ?  

Wild doves can survive in any climate except extreme climates. They are quite commonly found in woodlands, mangroves, grassland and tropical forests. Australasian and Indo-Malayan eco-zones house the largest number of white doves.

White doves construct nest on treetops or ledges or on ground. The location varies based on the habitat and the kind of species. The nests are quite feeble and are made of stick and certain debris. They are not seen commonly in extremely cold areas like the Arctic and Antarctic regions and the surrounding islands or even in dry parts of the Sahara desert.

According to their food habits, white doves are classified into fruit-eating (frugivorous) and seed-eating (granivorous) species. While the frugivorous species eat the fruits hanging on the trees, the granivorous species search for their food on the ground. Fruit eaters climb trees very well and it is a common sight to find these birds hanging upside down on the branches of the trees.

Most of the species are not fussy eaters and can supplement their principal diet with other foods. For example, certain dove varieties can feed on insects, worms, snails and other small animals and even reptiles! Humans consume doves and pigeons that dwell in cities.

During a single breeding, doves normally lay one or two eggs. Both the male and female rear the young ones. These species produce a nutritious liquid called “crop milk” in order to feed the young. Young doves are called “squabs” and leave the next anywhere between 7 and 28 days after their birth.

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Where Do Wild Doves Live ?




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Where Do Wild Doves Live ? )
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