Type Of Ducks

Type Of Ducks

You would be surprised to know that there are numerous types of wild ducks found the world over. Ducks, swans and geese belong to Anatidae family. These species are generally monogamous. A few exhibit polygamy as well. Known for their fierce territorial instincts, very few wild ducks have been found to live in colonies.

Although ducks are pretty similar in appearance, they are classified based on their habitats. Listed below are some types:

Dabbing Ducks: These are so called because they dabble in shallow waters to catch their prey. They generally do not dive into the marshy ponds or rivers. They also exhibit a process called tripping where their entire body is under water except their tails which is distinctly visible outside. Mallards and teal ducks fall under this category.

Diving Ducks: As the name suggests, these ducks dive into lakes, estuaries or other fresh water bodies to catch their prey. Buffleheads, redheads, marbled and ring neck ducks are found under this category.

Whistling Ducks: These ducks exhibit a trademark whistling sound which makes them stand out from the rest. They have longer necks and legs. They are found in tropical and sub tropical areas and migrate from one place to the other by flying around.

Mandarin Ducks: Found in Asia, these ducks are beautifully colored making them stand out form the crowd. They are generally bred in captivity and are great show stoppers in zoos.

Comb Ducks: These ducks are generally found in rice farms. Seeds, small fish and grains form their primary dietary sources.

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Type Of Ducks