What Is The Best Food For Ducks ?  

Want to own a duck as a pet? Apart from taking care of its housing requirements, your primary concern should be its eating habits. Providing your ducks with an environment that is closely related to its natural habitat could be ideal. A pond with numerous small fishes in it, surrounded by greenery and lots of plants is perfect for your duck to find its food on its own.

If you are not able to provide a natural environment, then paying extra attention to its eating habits becomes crucial for its survival. If you have decided to buy commercial feed pellets, make sure that they are non-medicated. Do not feed your ducks with pellets that are specially formulated to produce more number of eggs.

Worms, insects, small fishes, hard boiled eggs, tomatoes and cracked corn along with the commercial pellets can take care of a duck’s daily dietary requirement. You can also provide wheat products but do not give them an overdose. Place wheat in water or on the edge of a pool. Let the duck eat whenever it feels hungry.

Proteins form a very important constituent of a duck’s diet. Twenty to 22 percent of proteins are compulsory for ducklings at least for the first three weeks of their life. Adolescent and adult ducks require 16 and 16 to 18 percent proteins respectively.

Ducks have different dietary requirements during different seasons. A higher intake of maize is beneficial for ducks in winter season. Maize contains a higher proportion of calories and oil. This helps to maintain the bird’s feathers in an agile and flexible condition.

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What Is The Best Food For Ducks ?




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What Is The Best Food For Ducks ? )
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