How Long Does It Take For Parakeet Eggs To Hatch ?  

If your pet parakeet has laid eggs, then you will be very excited. You will want to know how long does it take for parakeet eggs to hatch. The good news is that the hatching process is not long. If the eggs are fertile and the female parakeet starts sitting on them, the eggs should hatch in around 18 days.

In order for parakeet eggs to hatch, the female parakeet has to sit on them constantly. Of course, she will get up occasionally to relieve herself, drink water and eat. The eggs will always hatch in the order they were laid. Usually after 18 days, the first fertile egg to be laid will get hatched and thereafter one egg will hatch every other day.

Do not get alarmed if you see the mother pushing the chick to one side of the nestbox. This is done some times by the female parakeet. It is done to facilitate the hatching of the remaining eggs. However, usually it is seen that female parakeets keep half the chick under them to keep them warm after they hatch.

The chicks will be looked after by the mother and father, and you should not be looking to take care of them. However, sometimes, you maybe required to step in. Then make sure that you hand feed the chicks with the help of syringe. Fill the syringe with formula and keep feeding the chicks every couple of hours. Usually breeders tend to adopt this method of feeding as it is an excellent way of taming the parakeets and making them into good future pets.

If any eggs do not hatch, the female parakeet will abandon them herself. So, wait for this to happen before you decide to discard the eggs.

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How Long Does It Take For Parakeet Eggs To Hatch




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How Long Does It Take For Parakeet Eggs To Hatch ? )
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