Treating Parakeet Illness  

Usually parakeets do not fall ill, but this does not mean that they do not suffer from health problems. If you can figure out that there is something wrong with your bird, you can immediately take it to an avian vet for proper diagnosis and treatment.

Usually you will know that your parakeet is not feeling well looking at it. A healthy parakeet will have bright and clear eyes and feathers, it will be happy, it will be flying around the cage and it will have no encrustation around the beak or cere. However, if your bird is sitting with its feathers fluffed up, it is not playing or flying and looks dull and subdued, then there is definitely something wrong with it.

Parakeets are usually quite good at hiding any signs and symptoms of an illness. So, if they show some signs of not being well, then you should take it seriously. Make sure that when you get your bird, you regularly weight it. If you notice loss of weight, then it is cause for worry.

When you get the bird, quarantine it for a period of thirty days. This way if the new bird has any infection or disease, it will not spread to other birds that you may have. Also, make sure that you wash your hands with soap and warm water after handling the new parakeet.

Also, always have a first aid kit for your bird to take emergency measures until you can get your bird to an avian vet. Some minor problems can often be treated at home and may not require you to rush your bird to a vet. If you bird has a problem, always cover the cage with a dark cloth and transport it securely to the hospital. If the illness is serious, follow the vet's advice. Be diligent with the medications and soon enough your bird should be back to its chirpy, friendly and healthy self.

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Treating Parakeet Illness




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Treating Parakeet Illness )
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