Facts On Parrots  

Popularly known for their socializing skills, parrots are an all time favorite. Listed below are some interesting facts about parrots:

Facts On Parrats:

  • Did you know that there are over three hundred fifty species of parrots found the world over? Macaws, Amazon parrots, lovebirds, cockatoos, parakeets and cockatiels belong to the parrot family.
  • Cockatoos are primarily white or black in color with characteristic feathers on their head.
  • Although the color green is mostly associated with parrots, you will find parrots of beautiful colors like red, yellow blue and golden hues in the wild.
  • Parrots love eating seeds, fruits, flowers, nuts, buds, etc.
  • Hollow trees, cavities found on cliffs, are some of the favorite places where parrots hatch their eggs and build their nests. The Monk parakeets are famously known to build their nests on tress whereas the American and New Zealand species build their nest on ground.
  • Parrots use their bills in order to climb trees and other places.
  • Their strong curved bills are perfectly designed to cut open a fruit and remove the seed.
  • These birds are generally monogamous. Polygamy is very rare among these species.
  • Their characteristic gait coupled with a strong grip make them very popular among kids and elders alike.

These lovely birds are found in every corner of the globe, but are found in large numbers in Australia, Asia, New Zealand, Central and South America. Their beautiful coloration coupled with intelligence and speaking abilities have made them very popular among all age groups the world over.

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Facts On Parrots




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