How Do Parrots Move ?

How Do Parrots Move ?

Flight is one of the most important characteristic of birds which sets them apart from all living creatures. Their ability to take flight to catch a prey or to escape from predators is a unique characteristic only to birds, making them hold a special place in the animal kingdom.

Flying is a complex procedure that involves a set of primary and secondary feathers. That’s right. Birds have two set of feathers, each one designed for a different purpose. The primary feathers are involved in giving the necessary initial push helping them propel their body forwards and backwards. These wings create the characteristic number eight pattern.

The secondary feathers are basically involved in helping the birds fly. They lift the bird off the surface. They are found beneath the primary wings. There is a tendon which connects the ulna bone to the secondary feathers. This tendon is responsible for keeping the secondary feathers properly spaced and spread out at appropriate distances, helping the bird to fly at anytime of the day.

It is important to remember that not all birds can fly. If the wings are not used for long periods of time, birds ultimately lose their ability to fly and their wings become rudimentary or functionless.

Clipping feathers is a common procedure adopted by many owners. But remember that flying is essential for your parrots well being. It gives them the necessary workout helping their metabolism function properly.

Curtailing this feature for human greed not only makes these birds unhappy but can also interfere with their survival in the long run. So provide your parrots with natural habitation if you really want to see them happy.

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How Do Parrots Move ?