Vulture Types  

Vultures are often referred to as scavengers. They play a great role in balancing our eco system and keeping our environment clean and green. They are probably the only living creatures which can eat and digest a decaying and decomposed organism. Prompt removal and eating of decomposed organisms by vultures has prevented the spread or occurrence of numerous diseases. Decaying bodies are a safe haven for numerous microorganisms which cause innumerable diseases to mankind and other living creatures. Vultures play a crucial role in balancing our eco system and are therefore necessary for our survival.

Although there are twenty different types of vultures found the world over, they are mainly classified into two broad categories, namely the Old World Vultures and the New World vultures.

The Old World vultures can locate preys with their powerful eyesight. Hooded vultures, the white headed vultures and griffon vultures fall under this category. They are found in Europe, Asia and Africa. These vultures are part of the Accipitridae family.

The New World vultures on the other hand find their prey using their powerful sense of smell. They are found in American continents. Seven different species like California condor, turkey vulture, king vulture and black vulture fall under this category. They have evolved from storks and ibises. These vultures are part of the Cathartidae family.

These birds are known for their powerful immune system. They are very rarely affected by diseases or disorders. Their bodies are designed to kill any type of microorganisms. Their bald head makes it impossible for microorganism to live.

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Vulture Types




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