Houseplants That Cats Will Not Eat  

People who have cats are always complaining that their cats end up eating houseplants. Hence, it would make sense to have houseplants that cats will not eat. However, care should be taken as there are some plants that are toxic and poisonous for cats. These plants should not be kept in the house as they pose a danger to the well being of a cat. Rather, a person should opt for those houseplants that cats will not go near.

There are some plants that cats do not find tasty and tend to avoid. One such plant is the Coleus canina, also known as scaredy cat plant. This plant has a strong odor that cats abhor and will not go anywhere near it or eat it. There are other plants too that cats tend to avoid. These include plants like lavender, rue, pennyroyal and rosemary. (See Reference 1) So, if you want your houseplants unharmed by your pet and also want your pet to lead a healthy life, it might make sense to have the aforementioned plants in your house.

Generally, cats eat houseplants because they are bored, they find the taste of the plant good, or the flutter of the leaves attract them. Cats are curious house pets and at time can indulge into behavior that pet owners may not appreciate. If you cannot lay your hands on plants that cats will not eat, then make the houseplants unattractive for plants. One way of doing this is by putting bitter apple repellant on the plants. This repellant has a strong odor that will keep the cats away. Alternatively, you can also apply vinegar, diluted, on the plants to ensure that the cat does not nibble on them. (See Reference 2) Some people also squirt their cats with water when they notice the cat chewing on their favorite houseplant. (See Reference 1) However, for this method, you have to be around when the cat is eating the plants.

As mentioned previously, many cats eat houseplants out of sheer boredom. So, you can avoid your cat from chewing on your houseplants by playing with it everyday. Also, thing about growing catnip for the cat to eat to keep it away from snacking on the houseplants. (See Reference 2)

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Houseplants That Cats Will Not Eat


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