How To Shear Your Cat ?  

Some people want to shear their cats for aesthetics reasons, while others do it to make the cat feel comfortable. No matter, what your reason is, you should know how to shear your cat. It is not an easy task, and will need 2 people to get the job done. It is important to remember that the shearing should be done against the growth as will hasten the entire process.

In order to shear your cat, follow the steps highlighted below.

  • Get your electric clippers out and attach the shortest clipping guard that you have. (See Reference 1) Never attempt to shear the cat without a guard as you may end up nicking the delicate skin of the cat.
  • Before starting the shearing process, ensure that you first make your cat comfortable. The cat will get a start when the clippers come on. So, first spend some time switching the clippers on and off, so that the cat is not startled by the noise. (See Reference 1)
  • Get the person who is assisting you to hold the cat in his or her arms. If your cat has a tendency to scratch or bite, then ensure that the person wears gloves and long sleeves. (See Reference 1) The person should hold the cat in such a manner that the cat's feet are immobile and it cannot use them.
  • Once your assistant has a firm grip on the cat, switch on the clippers. Start shearing the cat from the back of the head and run it along the body. Follow the speed of the clipper to prevent it from pulling out the hair and causing discomfort to the cat. Instead run the clippers along the body of the cat at the same speed that it can cut. (See Reference 1)
  • After you finish shearing your cat, set it free. Collect the fur and discard it properly to prevent inhaling it.
  • This job is best done in the bathroom or the garage where drafts are minimal.

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How To Shear Your Cat


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