Siamese Cats Facts  

It is believed that Siamese cats have descended from the temple cats of Siam, which is present-day Thailand. During the ancient days, these cats were referred to as Moon Diamonds. According to a Thai legend, these cats kept evil spirits away, and were also a source of good fortune for the owner. That would explain why many Siamese cats were seen roaming around temples and palaces.

The Siamese cats were brought to the US in the year 1878 when the US Consul brought the cats to the country as gift for the US president. Then in 1884, the British Consul General brought a male and female pair to the UK to present them to his sister. That is how these cats first came to Europe. Every soon, from England, the cats found their way to Asia as well as other parts of Europe.

There are primarily two different types of Siamese cats. There is one which has an apple shaped head with a compact body; and the other has a head shaped like a triangle, but the body is lissome and slender.

Out of all the cats with short hair, the Siamese cat is the most popular breed. Besides the unique pattern on their coat, the cats also have blue eyes. The coat is lighter in color around the neck and the body, but is darker in color at the ears, paws, face and tail.

At birth, a Siamese cat is white and black in color. However, their coat shades color and shade as the cat matures. Nearly all the cats that are black are so colored because they have a special gene, but still the extremities are of different colors like blue, chocolate, lilac or fawn.

The unique point about this breed is that they are rather friendly cats, and have a gift to communicate with humans. The cats have an extrovert personality and do demand a lot of attention and love from their owners.

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Siamese Cats Facts




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