Smells That Cats Hate  

There are many smells that cats hate, and this is something many people do not realize. While even dogs cannot stand certain odors, cats are unique because they get an understanding of their surrounding through taste and odors.

Cats have a special organ that helps them smell. This organ is known as Jacobson's organ; and it directly sends a message to the brain. This special organ allows cats to make a difference between the various odors and scents around them. In addition, cats can hold on to odors and scents due to millions of sensory cells that they have, and as a result they can keep breathing even while their brains analyze the odors and scents.

Some of the smells that cats hate include anything that is citrus. So, your cat will not be able to stand the smell of lemon, orange and also grapefruit. In addition, cats cannot stand anything that smells spicy. So, you can tick off Cayenne pepper as well as mustard. It has also been noticed that cats cannot stand the smell of certain deodorants and chemicals. So, when you are out purchasing a litter box for your cat, make sure that the smell of these deodorants and chemicals is not present in the box. If they are, you can be sure that your cat will refuse to use the litter.

Besides these smells, there are certain plants and herbs that cats cannot stand all because of their scent. So, it could be a good tactic to have some of these plants in your garden if you do not want your cat venturing into your garden. Some of these plants include Coleus canina, rue, lemongrass, peppermint, lavender, and citronella.

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Smells That Cats Hate




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