Where Are Abyssinian Cats From ?  

Abyssinian cats are gaining popularity in being the most preferred pets and in show circuits. But the origin of this breed is still not exactly known. Many believe that they originated in Ethiopia since their name is similar to the former name of this country, ‘Abyssinia’. Many believe that they got their name since the first Abyssinian cats that were show-cased were imported from the country, Abyssinia.

After research work by geneticists, one can conclude that these felines have their origins from the coasts of Indian Ocean and some regions of South-East Asia. Many paintings depicting cats in the Egyptian tombs have a close semblance to this breed.

The cat associations can ask for extensive proof in order to accept one’s breed of their pet as Abyssinian. Many cat owners may not have a pure bred cat, but they still participate in the shows only to show-case the good characteristics of their feline pet.

This breed is special since they are supposed to possess high level of intelligence which is often comparable to humans. This makes these felines constant entertainers for their owners. These cats tend to be creative in their amusement activities and display feats proving their intelligence. One can never be bored with an Abyssinian pet at home.

They form ideal pets if the owner wants to have a human-friendly pet especially for children or just a good interactive companion at home. The owner will have to keep pace with their quest for variety in their amusements and keep important things out of their reach since they are also highly agile and athletic.

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Where Are Abyssinian Cats From




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