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Tell tale stories have it that the Birman cat has its origins in Burma. The white colored cat of the temple named ‘Sinh’ is believed to have jumped on the head priest when the temple was attacked. When the priest died, his spirit is believed to have entered the cat signified by the change in the color of the cat’s coat. This is commonly referred to as ‘The sacred cat’ in Burma. This makes them ideal as companions especially for children. While they enjoy resting on the lap of their owners, they take less than a minute to get into a mood for playing.

This feline maintains a good poise and has characteristics like light colored semi-long coat, white paws; dark colored face, ears, legs and tail. It requires regular grooming. Since the coat does not get matted, the owner faces lesser trouble in maintaining its coat. Due to its temperament, it adjusts well within weeks as a kitten or cat into the new home even if there are already other pets in the house.

It usually lives up to 13 years to 15 years. This large to medium sized breed has males that weigh up to 8 kgs, while the female weighs up to 4.5 kgs.

These breeds can sustain well in most weathers other than extreme heat or cold. Some of the traits of this breed are:

  • Intelligence, playfulness and temperament to be part of human family.
  • Faithful and gentle.
  • Outgoing and affectionate.
  • Hardy and robust.
  • Takes a while to settle in a new environment.

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Information On Birman Cat




Lifespan Birman Cat      It is always seen that the owners of Birman cats have loads of praises for them since they are very friendly with humans. They are very playful, curious, and charming. They are soft voiced and purr. These cats shed their coats very little which makes it easy for the owner to maintain its coat. They are fond of being in company whether it is of children, family members or other pets in the house. More..




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Information On Birman Cat )
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