Lifespan Birman Cat  

It is always seen that the owners of Birman cats have loads of praises for them since they are very friendly with humans. They are very playful, curious, and charming. They are soft voiced and purr. These cats shed their coats very little which makes it easy for the owner to maintain its coat. They are fond of being in company whether it is of children, family members or other pets in the house.

The average Birman cat weighs around 8 to 10 pounds. The average life-span of these cats is about 15 years. But, advancement in the field of veterinary medicine has made it feasible for these felines to have life-spans of up to twenty years.

The health of cats belonging to this breed of feline is not affected by common diseases. These cats feel comfortable in condos and apartments. But they require companions to be with and play. They seek for attention if the owner gets busy and hence this breed of cat is unsuited for people who travel often. The owner can keep toys handy for engaging the pet while being busy at work.

The places from which Birman cats can be purchased are shelters, breeders or rescue organizations. These cats do not come cheap. A well bred Birman cat can cost anywhere from $600 to $1,500. These pets are rarely aggressive. They behave so only if they have been abused. Also, they enjoy purring. They make noise only when they are in need of a companion to play with or when they are hungry. They enjoy doing horse-play and bite hard while playing this game.

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Lifespan Birman Cat




What Is The Price Of Birman Cat ?      It is believed that the Birman cat has its origins in Burma. It is believed that a pair of this breed was taken under the care of two men who assisted the temple of the sun-goddess when it was attacked. Although the male did not survive the journey, the female did. Since she was pregnant, the legacy continued. The cat was cross-bred in order to redevelop this breed. In 1966, Birman cats were accepted as a registered breed in the registry of the CFA. This feline is affectionate, charming, playful and curious. More..




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Lifespan Birman Cat )
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