Himalayan Cat Health  

The Himalayan cars are felines which have long hair. This breed came into existence by crossing Siamese cats with Persian cats. The cat has a flat face, and coat in colors like chocolate, cream or brown.

These cats have many health related issues which are typical of the breed. They lick their coat for grooming and this causes accumulation of the hair in the digestive tract. They throw it out of the body by spitting it from the mouth. When this gets accumulated in the stomach over a period of time, it blocks the digestion process and also causes trouble in breathing. This makes grooming necessary on the part of a responsible owner. The flat nose of these cats also poses a problem since they may face difficulty in breathing making them have teary eyes. This will require the owner to physically wipe off the tears.

These felines have been subjected to in-breeding which has made them prone to genetic disorders which can also cause failing of the organs or polycystic kidney disease. As a good owner, one should watch out if some abnormalities surface in the appearance of the cat. Occurrence and continuous presence of the any unusual symptoms should also ring a bell of concern.

The flat face brings along another problem in which the upper and the lower teeth do not meet. This in turn will result in other complications like gingivitis, plaque formation or decay in the teeth for this breed.

The vet will be able to treat the pet for any health problem specially those specific to the breed on thorough examination.

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Himalayan Cat Health




Information On Himalayan Cats      Himalayan cats are commonly called color-point Persian cat. These were bred by crossing Persian and Siamese cats. They are medium or large sized felines with a cute face. While the structure of the body is similar to the Persian cats, the coloring of the ears is close to the Siamese cats. More..




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