Information On Himalayan Cats  

Himalayan cats are commonly called color-point Persian cat. These were bred by crossing Persian and Siamese cats. They are medium or large sized felines with a cute face. While the structure of the body is similar to the Persian cats, the coloring of the ears is close to the Siamese cats.

The characteristics of this breed include:

  • Big sized head with short neck, flat face and light or dark blue colored eyes.
  • Short and stubby legs.
  • Coat of cream or white color. They also have color markings appearing as points in colors of brown, lilac, chocolate or red on the feet, ears, face or tails.

These felines make excellent companions. They are good tempered, loving, active and well suited for life in-doors. Their coat is smooth and fluffy. Due to lengthy coat, care must be given for the grooming them with soft brushes. This is essential to avoid formation of hair balls in their digestive tract when they groom themselves. Laxative disorders would be the first sign of this problem. One should be watchful about abnormalities in the appearance, problems in their joints or problems in the organs which often result due to in-breeding.

Kittens would require wiping of their faces by the owners. Owing to their long fur, they may be given hair-cuts which will make them comfortable during hot summers.

These cats require adequate care for good health. One should be able to make a sincere commitment for their care before getting them home since this breed is very prone to various problems due to in-breeding.

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Information On Himalayan Cats




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