Personality Of A Himalayan Cat  

The ‘Himalayan Cat’ has a distinctive personality which is a neat mix of independence, loyalty playfulness and devotion. According to ratings, they rank first in the category of affections to their owners, compatibility with family or other pets at home, and in the need for attention. They get curious about new faces and are not shy to socialize. They observe the situation and then make their move. The owner will have no dearth of attention from this pet which will greet and move behind them all around.

Although they are not very vocal, they make noises when something is required. They have specific noises like soft meows, yowls, growls or even insistent yowls to communicate their needs. The owner will recognize this over a period of time and identify each noise with specific needs like attention, tiredness, hunger and so on.

As per the journal dealing with pet care, it has been brought out that often these cats display an element of childishness even when they are mature. They tend to become calm, self-assuring and independent in their adulthood. But they still tend to run behind a paper ball or chase the imaginary friends which cats are believed to see. They also display their need for their own time by ignoring the owner for hours at times.

The calmness and laid-back attitude seems to be inherited from their Persian ancestry while the out-going trait seems to have been inherited from the Siamese ancestry.

These long haired felines with blue eyes make excellent companions as pets owing to their nature and will always make their owners proud about their possession.

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Personality Of A Himalayan Cat




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