What Are The Characteristics Of A Maine Coon Cat

What Are The Characteristics Of A Maine Coon Cat ?

Maine coon cats are felines which are sturdy, large and have a thick coat. This breed which is believed to have originated in England can adjust to the harsh winters due to the coat which is silky and double in layers. They are regarded as being related to the Norwegian Forest Cats since many of their traits match up well. Mostly Maine coons mature slowly. They complete their development by about 3 years of age. They continue to behave like kitten till this age.

This cat is energetic, playful and friendly. They are independent cats which do not require too much of petting. At the same time, they are very attached to their owners.

They have a very curious mind and try to be part of the owner’s activities. They love to follow their owner around the house.

The mature male variety does look ferocious in the first meeting, but their appearance is deceptive. Instead they are gentle felines who adjust well with the children and the rest of the family and make excellent companions. They are not difficult to train and can be taught a few tricks. They are also easy to feed and are good mouse hunters. They are often owned by people who need a helping hand in the farms for controlling the rodent menace.

Maine coons are cats with heavy bone structure, lengthy bodies and square muzzles. The male easily weighs up to twenty-two pounds and the females up to twelve pounds. The coat being long and water resistant, they can be cared for easily with minimal grooming.

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What Are The Characteristics Of A Maine Coon Cat