Do Persian Cats Scratch Furniture ?  

Cats make excellent pets and companions. But knowing about their behavioral traits will allow the owner to solve matters which might be unacceptable for a pet. This sudden flip in the behavior despite being domesticated can be attributed to their wild ancestors.

Like other small sized wild animals, cats hunt rodents for their meal. they are mostly nocturnal, lead solitary lives and fetch food only for themselves. Hence, one should not panic if their pet cat pounces on a smaller sized animal.

Cats in the wild mark their territory and sharpen their claws. Domesticated cats also follow this by scratching the furniture. One can resolve this issue by placing a dedicated scratch-post and training the cat for using this.

In order to keep an insistent cat away from furniture, one can try wrapping a towel on the parts that they scratch or even make a loud noise by shaking aluminum cans filled with coins.

The pet should be stopped while being in the act of scratching sternly by any method like using air cans since they detest water being sprayed on them, rewarding them when they use the ear-marked post, or by using disciplinary methods.

One can reward them by showering praises, giving a treat, or by brushing. One should use both positive and negative methods of reinforcing this discipline. Since the natural nature can not be changed, one should try and bring a change in their behavior. With the right method and sternness, the cats can be trained well for changing their behavior which will suit the owner well and cause lesser damage to the property.

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Do Persian Cats Scratch Furniture




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