How Big Do Persian Cats Get ?  

The Persian cats are regarded as one of the best breeds of cats that any cat lover would want to possess. Their appearance with long and thick coat, flat face and blue colored eyes make them look adorable. Many mistake them for being stuffed toys due to their unusual appearance.

These cats are very stocky. In fact, their bone set is sturdy and they have stocky legs as well to support their stocky body. With their thick coat on top, they appear very cuddly too. Most parts of their body appear round. Their head is big and round and bigger in size than cats of most other breeds. Their eyes set in their faces also appear round like saucers.

The correctly bred Persian cat should be such that it comes in the category of being full bodied. The Cat Fanciers Association also states that the breed of Persian cats should be large to medium size but not appear obese. Ideally, these cats should weigh anywhere from 7 to 12 pounds. But the weight for one’s pet cat should be determined after consulting a vet who will base it on the bone structure of the pet.

The coat of Persian cats come in many seven categories; solid color, shaded and smoky, , gold and silver, tabby, Himalayan, parti-color, and bi-color. The owner of such cats should have the time to groom them on a daily basis. They need to be bathed once a month. Their flat face with large eyes set in will require the owner to clean them with cotton balls on a daily basis.

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How Big Do Persian Cats Get




Persian Cats Facts      The Persian cats are regarded as the best breed of cats that a cat lover would cherish to possess. There are many versions regarding their origin. The claim of them being descendents of sand cat is not accepted since there is no evidence. Some also claim that they are products of cross-breeding the Angoras with Russian or Chinese Long-hair, but this is also unproven. It can be said that this feline came to be recognized as a specific breed in the 19th century and they came to the US at around the same time. More..




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