Genetics Of Siamese Cat  

The Siamese cats carry the genes called ‘Himalayan genes’ which is also found in other animals like mice and rabbits. Mutation in one of the chromosome, ‘C locus’ causes the partial albinism in the Siamese cats. When this recessive gene for color is in two doses, the blue color of the eyes of the Siamese breed will show up.

Eye-Color and color of the coat of the offspring will depend on the breeds that mate.

When a Siamese cat with ‘cs ’genes is crossed with a Burmese cat with ‘cb’ genes, the offspring ,Tonkinese will have both the dominant genes and have a mink colored fur. This gene is found to be sensitive to the heat in the atmosphere. Cooler the place, darker will be the color. This explains the dark color on the legs, face and tail of this breed. The fur on the stomach area will be lighter. This also explains the white coloration of the kitten with the warmth in the womb of the mother. The color of the Siamese changes with the climate. Darker color will appear in the winters as compared to summer.

The Himalayan gene in seal point Siamese restricts the pigment controlling the black coloration in the cat from getting expressed fully. Breeders are also working hard in removing out the disorder of ‘Strabismus’ from this breed.

The combination of different chromosomes responsible for the coloration of the breed’s fur has resulted seal point, blue point, chocolate point, blue point, and lilac point Siamese.

By knowing the genotype of the parents, the probable color of the offspring can be predicted.

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Genetics Of Siamese Cat




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