Siamese Cat History  

There are many theories regarding the origin of the Siamese cats. Since its physical appearance is close to that of the cat goddess of Egypt, many believe that Siamese cats originated in Egypt. But this is not proven.

Their name gives a clue to Siamese having its origin in the kingdom of ‘Siam’ which is today’s Thailand. Its ancestors are believed to be from this kingdom. The records available relating to the period of the 1600s confirms their existence. They were expensive and owned by the noblemen and royalty. They were also given a special place in the temples and palaces since they were regarded as spiritual guardians.

A cat used to be chosen to house the soul of the dead. These cats used to be pampered and taken care of by the priests of the temple. Good upkeep of the cat meant bringing good luck in the after-life of the departed soul.

They also worked as watch-cats making noise on spotting strangers. Tales from the places and temples from these times also narrates the way in which these cats got cross-eyes and kinked tail.

They landed in Europe and England between 1870 and 1880. The royal family in Bangkok handed a pair to Sir Edward who was a Consul-General which was brought to England. Mrs. Velvy, who got the cats from Sir Edward, went on to become a co-founder of the first Siamese Cats Club.

In 1879, President Rutherford of the US got the first Siamese cat as a gift from the US diplomat in Thailand called David Sickles. This paved way for the breed to become available across the Atlantic as well.

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Siamese Cat History




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