Tonkinese Life Expectancy  

The Tonkinese breed came in to existence by crossing the Siamese cats with the Burmese cats. This was first done by an American cat breeder by the name Edith Lux. But this breed was first recognized and registered in Canada due to the efforts of a cat breeder called, Margaret Conroy. This was registered in the year 1965.

These acts have a close-lying, short, and silky coat which comes in three categories; pointed, mink or solid. These cats have distinct eyes from their Siamese ancestry which could be turquoise to aquamarine in color. This cat enjoys outdoor activities and playtime. This will require time and attention from the owner.

Their physical traits include a muscular body structure, oval shaped paws, wedge shaped head, large eyes and ears. They grow to have a height of almost 12 inches.

The most common colors of the coat are lilac, champagne or blue. The male version of this feline weighs about 9 to 12 pounds while the female version weighs about 6 to 8 pounds.

These cats have a good health. But they are sometimes susceptible to get disease of the gums and gingivitis owing to their Siamese ancestry.

These cats have a liking for heights and can turn mischievous when bored. They can jump up to reach objects perched on high platforms. These cats are normally active and love to run and play. These cats are very adaptable, intelligent and calm. This justifies the growing popularity of this breed amongst cat lovers.

The life-span of this breed is fairly long. The average life-span of these cats is about 15 years and above.

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Tonkinese Life Expectancy




Price For Tonkinese Cat      Tonkinese cat is the offspring born by crossing Siamese and Burmese breeds of cats. This was first bred in 1930s and the kitten shows the characteristics of both the parent breeds but in a more refined manner. No special program to breed this feline was adopted and no official record of this breed was available. Later, in the 1950s, controlled breeding programs in Canada helped make this breed a recognized one. More..




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