Are Apples Bad For Dogs ?  

There are many dogs that get apples occasionally as their owners feel that they have deserved. There are many dogs that love eating apples too. However, there is a lot of misinformation about apples and dogs. So, dog owners want to know whether apples are bad for dogs.

Basically, apples are not bad for dogs. However, there are a few things that dog owners should keep in mind when they are feeding apples to their dogs.

The seeds of an apple contain a compound known as amygdlin. This is a type of cyanide and is extremely poisonous in nature for all living beings. Cyanide stops blood from transporting oxygen to various parts of the body.

So, make sure that before you give your dog an apple, you take time to de-seed. In case your dog does happen to ingest a few seeds, do not panic. The body has the ability to remove the toxic compound. However, if a dog eats a lot of apple with seeds, then it could be a dangerous situation. In addition, even the covering on the seeds have amygdlin. In case the dogs eats a few seeds without breaking the seed coating, then the seed will be harmless and will be passed out of the body as it is.

Apples are quite healthy source of food. They contain dietary fiber as well as Vitamin C. In addition, they do not contain a lot of saturated fat and sodium. Apples also contain Omega 3 and Omega 6 fatty acids. These help to improve the quality of the coat and also help to manage certain skin allergies.

On the other hand, apples contain natural sugar and are high on calories. So, if a good eats too many apples, it will tend to gain weight. Besides this, apples also contain phosphorus and calcium which might not be good for your dog if it has a kidney-related problem.

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Are Apples Bad For Dogs




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