How Can I Tell If My Dog Had A Stroke ?  

Dogs too can get a stroke just like humans. However, it is usually a rare incident. There are primarily 2 types of strokes that a dog can get. One is ischemic, while the other is hemorrhagic. In the former, the arteries get blocked or become narrow, and this leads to a stroke. In the latter, a blood vessels bursts in the brain leading to hemorrhage in the brain, and thus causing a stroke.

However, in dogs usually health-related issues cause strokes. For instance, an ischemic stroke can be caused due to tumors, thyroid problems, or problems related to the kidneys or heart. A hemorrhagic stroke can be brought on by heart disease, kidney disease, metabolic disorder, lung worm, trauma to the head, ingesting poisons or lesions in the brain.

Here are some signs that will tell you that your dog has had a stroke:

In case you notice certain strange behavior like going the wrong way when you call the dog, tilting the head to one side, sudden loss of vision, losing balance, eating food from just one side of the dish, being lethargic, has problems controlling bowel movements and urination, and also shows sudden changes in behavior.

If you notice any of the above mentioned symptoms, you must immediately call for a vet or take your dog to the hospital. With proper examination that may consist of CT scan and MRI scans a vet can confirm whether your dog has had a stroke. If yes, then appropriate treatment will be given. And, in a few weeks time you dog will recuperate, though it will have some permanent changes in its behavior.

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How Can I Tell If My Dog Had A Stroke




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How Can I Tell If My Dog Had A Stroke ? )
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