Incredible Dog Stories Saving Human Lives  

We often hear stories of animals being brave and risking their lives to save humans. One of the animals that you will frequently hear stories about is the dog. After all, it was for a reason that dog is called a man's best friend.

Here are some incredible dog stories above saving human lives.

This is a story about a golden retriever named Toby. In fact, for his act, he was given an award. Toby belonged to Debbie Parkhurst, and one day he came across his owner choking. Rather than sitting and doing nothing, Toby performed the Heimlich maveuver on Debbie, though it was a modified version.

Debbie was eating an apple when a piece got stuck in her throat and she starting choking. On seeing this, Toby jumped onto her chest and this helped to dislodge the piece of apple. For this act, ASPCA awarded Toby with the Dog of the Year award.

Actually golden retrievers are known for their loyalty to their owners. So, when you see Toby's behavior in this perspective, it should not come as a surprise. Nonetheless, the dog used its instincts to help save the life of its owner, and that by itself is highly commendable.

The next story of a dog saving human life is about Norman. He was golden Labrador, who was blind. Norman was given a home by Annette, who took him from a pound. Due to Norman's blindness the only place where he could run freely without injuring himself was the beach. So, Annette used to take him to the beach quite often for Norman to have some exercise and fresh air.

One day when Annette was walking Norman on the beach, they suddenly heard a cry for help. A young girl was caught in the ocean current and could not swim back to shore. Rather than waiting for help to come, Norman jumped into the water and started swimming towards the girl, guided by her screams. On reaching the girl, he started pulling her back to shore, and they both made it back successfully. Imagine what would have happened if a brave dog named Norman was not there at that very moment?

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Incredible Dog Stories Saving Human Lives




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