History Of The German Shepherd Dog  

German shepherd is an elegant breed of dogs. It has pointed ears, shiny coat, and displays agility and strength. This breed is intelligent and never forget the lessons taught. They are also known to be hard-working and active.

A group called ‘Phylax Society’ was formed in order to experiment and breed dogs so that the off-spring would have the best qualities of both the parents. Although this did not materialize, the studies conducted went a long way in the creation of the breed called German shepherd.

The founder of this breed is believed to be Captain Max von Stephanitz in the late 19th century in Germany. He was the person who created this breed in order to assist the shepherds in managing their herds.

In the initial years of creating this breed, in-house breeding had to be entertained in order to fix the problem of having defective off-springs. This also paved way for improving qualities as desired in this breed. But in order to keep this breed going strong; Captain Max had to quickly think of employing them in other fields apart from herding. This was tested and proved successful in the world wars when German shepherds proved to be effective companions and bravely accompanied the soldiers in the war zone.

After the completion of World War II, this canine was renamed as ‘Alsatian Wolf dog’ after the border between France and Germany ‘Alsace- Lorraine’. Later in 1977, the original name was back in use. This canine is available in many countries of the world for the varied purposes that it can serve.

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History Of The German Shepherd Dog




German-Shepherd-Dog-Agility      German shepherd is a breed popular for its intelligence, agility, obedience and strong instinct. They exhibit traits such as hostility, aloofness and self-confidence in their demeanor. They are well suited for tracking, rescue, scent trails, watching, and companionship. More..




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History Of The German Shepherd Dog )
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