Golden Retriever Fun Facts  

Golden Retrievers are incredibly beautiful and mesmerizing breed. These are one of those powerful dogs which are bred for hunting waterfowl. The thick outer coat helps them to swim in water comfortably. These were purposely bred to like water and to have flexible spongy mouths so that they could recover the fallen fowl without subsequent destruction.

This breed can attain a maximum height of 23 to 24 inches and weigh up to 65-75 pounds. Males are usually bigger than the females. Golden Retrievers are more or less healthy dogs with minimal health complaints however they are prone to obesity if their diet is not restricted.

These dogs are also quite well-liked for their outstanding intelligence and ability to adapt to different circumstances. They posses strong smelling sense and hence are favorites for law enforcement departments in sniffing out illegal drugs. They are also very good as rescue and search dogs. At the same time their socializing and cheerful nature makes them best choice as family pets.

Well, did you know that Golden retrievers can also become surrogate mothers? They can not only take care of kittens but even if you leave one odd tiger cubs they would happily look after them too! They can also generate milk for the kittens although they have not given birth to them.

This breed was initially bred by Baron Tweedmouth in Scotland. At present, one can also find the English, American and Canadian varieties each of then having its own unique characteristics.

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Golden Retriever Fun Facts




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